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Alternate Worlds: Natvar Bhavsar by ADMIN


Natvar Bhavsar's Expressionist Art offers a spiritual portal to colourful aura's and parallel universes. The prolific artist's expansive, mind-altering pieces are the impetus for self-examination, and to search for truth in lieu of meaning, his first exhibition in Hong Kong, at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery, entitled 'Rang' is sanskrit for both a surge of colour and achieving a state of pure ectasy.

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Rainbow in Translation by ADMIN

Closing this week at Sundaram Tagore’s Hong Kong space is the first East Asian retrospective of Natvar Bhavsar, a famed Indian artist who made his career in New York and his name in Venice.  I must agree with the acquisition curators of major museums around the globe: his work is stunning.   It is at once immediate and meditative, and refreshingly bereft of conceptual conceit.

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Rang: Sundaram Tagore Gallery by ADMIN

Natvar Bhavsar, best known for his pure-pigment paintings, says colours are like sounds that reverberate with rhythm. The New York-based Indian artist says that over the past 50 years he has created art that investigates the 'power and possibilities" of colour.

"I believe that colours emanate silence and poetic reverberations," he says. "They contain an unfathomably rich visual poetry. Through the patient exploration of colour, I have been rewarded with countless rhythms".

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